Home automation: automated management of daily habits…

The integration of technology can improve the simple response to the needs of all days in your home. It provides a time saving, a serenity of mind by improving the level of safety, energy savings, comfort and fun in further opening the doors of the digital world.

The partner of your project

The world of habitat technology is called transversal. The needs are not covered by a single technology or a single trade. Everything must be able to communicate together, to be compatible with each other. Ouest Domotique is your partner in your project in new construction and renovation.

Up front, we define with you the requirements, we set the budgets, we offer the best solutions in correspondence.

In addition, if you wish, we support the various trades technology (antennas, alarms, electrician, heating engineer). We work with your architect, your contractor. This is assistance to the owner.

The cost of a home automated house

It is difficult to give an accurate budget as the range of possibilities is wide.

The services provided by home automation are encrypted separately, and in addition an estimate of conventional electricity.

Each field (electrical, automation, networking, energy, media, security, control) is clearly detailed in order to adjust priorities according to your budget today. The study ensures a design with a structured cabling for present needs and ready for future developments.

Our experience shows that a realistic budget for construction of housing communicating, including several areas of benefits, does not start much below about 90 euros/m2. However, some manufacturers are beginning to offer serious offers that would tend to reduce this minimum budget. Of course, these figures increase with the number of areas treated, and the range of equipment.

In all cases, through a study we can design your home to be ready for the technologies of today and tomorrow. The rate is proportional to the size of your project, a few hundred to several thousand euros for a commercial building.

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