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A fabulous project: the front face of the Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA)

Reference : corporate agency

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A story about Dedicated Home theater

IP video phone helps desable persons

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Smart metering for Retired specialised building

Reduced Power consumptions in hostels

Reference : wooden house with home automation and low consumption in Loire-Atlantique

1st Home Automated caravan in France

Reference: contemporary Villa with Media and Home Automation in Vendée.

References: Maison21 PassivHaus is even a positive one

JND 2011 : 3 projects to visit

References: AVA Showroom – Aizenay (85)

Meeting with Durand Hervé’s team: education about Home automation

References: Fradin-Bretton Vinci Corporate offices invests in Power Consumption Reductions.

References : Villa Contemporaine in Nantes

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